General Information

Baggage Alowances

We strongly recommend that you travel as light as possible. Please bring only limited luggage i.e. one medium sized suitcase per person and one additional hand bag to keep inside the coach. Do not bring blankets and bedding.

It is important to note that all cities are prone to thefts and bag snatching, tourists especially being the most vulnerable. We suggest you to take extra care of your belongings while on tour especially at Railway Station, hotels, restaurants and all sight-seeing places. While you are on train journey, we advise you to carry a chain and lock to secure your luggage. Baggage at all times and in all circumstances, is the sole responsibility of the passenger and our company will not be liable for any losses occurred while on tour.

Tipping & Gratuties

We believe that gratuities to a tour escort / coach drivers reflect the client’s personal appreciation of a professional job well done. However we do not make any specific recommendation towards the amount.


Your tour itinerary has been designed to ensure that you get to see the maximum number of places during your holiday. Any delay would actually deprive you and the whole group of your valuable sight-seeing time. Please understand that punctuality is solely in your interest so that you enjoy the benefits of all services included in the package.

Coach Cleanliness

We request you to help us maintain coach cleanliness so that all of you can be comfortable during your journey.

While You Are on Tour

  • Be friendly with co-tourists.
  • Time being precious, kindly be on time.
  • Sleep less, Talk more, have lots of fun.
  • Strictly do not keep heavy luggage inside the coach.
  • If you miss the bus, come over to the next stop.

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